How Friends for care Started

Sharmin Malik

The Founder and the main peer behind all the activities

A decade ago, there lived a young girl who like any other person used to always feel the urge to do something for the poverty-stricken society where there are children who still didn’t have any access to education, where women are still dependent on their drunk husbands who only harassed them and where animals - the mute spectators are the ones who are not paid heed to and are harmed brutally by the civilians. With a vision to step forward and help the society and thus bring a change by being the change this young girl Sharmin Malik along with her 3 friends founded FRIENDS FOR CARE (FFC) when she was studying in 3rd year of engineering at Nagpur. She initially started by providing help in small ways and then when she had a team, they started helping women to become independent. This was not at all easy and they faced a lot of resistance and opposition by them. It took in several weeks for them to become friendly with those women and then finally convinced them to make mobile covers. They provided them the material, sold those covers and the profit earned was given to those women which increased their confidence and made them independent. She loved painting as a child but could only fetch a B+ grade in school. However, the real journey of her painting started when she touched motherhood. She suddenly started feeling helpless and non-ambitious. She wanted to keep herself engaged and once ended up watching few painting tutorials on YouTube. However, she wasn't sure if she actually wanted to invest on expensive canvas and paints as living in Britain always made her stick to a budget. But she took this leap of faith and gave in to this new hobby which eventually made her earn and she became an entrepreneur. Her paintings are a reflection of human emotions and relationships which contain positive energy and love that makes each of them unique and special. She uses an amount of this money earned for handling the expenses of FFC and her devotion and passion is incomparable. She has her entire story covered in famous web pages like “Women of Courage” and “Humans of Nagpur”. Through her story she has inspired youth as well as women to become independent and stand for sharing love and care through good deeds.

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